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Chapter 2150 Ye Ying Is Scared

At this time, Xia Jinyuan just wanted to add some fuel to the fire and let it burn a little, but who knew that the last thing was so lively that it was beyond his imagination.


At exactly two o’clock, Ye Jian walked into the magnificent performance hall with the leaders of the military academy and the military under the applause of the soldiers.


Next to her was none other than Commander-in-Chief Xia, who was speaking with her.


“You leave later when the performance is over; follow me to the hospital to see Old Six.” In order to let Ye Jian hear what he said under the sounds of applause, Commander-in-Chief Xia bowed his head slightly.

In the eyes of other soldiers, it looked like the leader really cared about her cordially.


However, Ye Ying’s eyes, who was applauding at the back, became… like lightning.


With horror in her wide eyes, she even slowed down her applause.

Fortunately, her applause was soft, so the applause in the hall was still smooth, and her sudden change did not cause any impact.

    Even so, it was enough to shock the squad leader who was keeping an eye on her, making him in a cold sweat.

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“Ye Ying, what are you doing!” The squad leader whispered softly, “Clap your hands and follow the rhythm.

Haven’t I taught you before!”


A recruit who had been in the army for less than two hours was out with them to watch the performance when she hadn’t even made the bed yet.

I really didn’t know how the leader made this arrangement.


This was not the right way of taking care of new recruits, right.


Ye Ying, with a frightened expression, tried to control her inner fear.

When she was fidgeting with her hands on her knees, her five fingers squeezed her knees tightly; she trembled as she asked her squad leader softly, “Squad leader, who was the leader just now… It seems that his position is very high.”


She had seen him; she had seen him at Old Uncle Gen’s funeral!


The squad leader was afraid that she would speak again, so he immediately whispered back, “Commander-in-Chief Xia, the military chief, you must remember!”


The Commander-in-Chief of the army…


Ye Ying only felt her eyes darkened.


That dead girl Ye Jian unexpectedly knew Commander-in-Chief Xia a long time ago! How did she meet him, how did she know him!


Why, why, why could she still accompany Commander-in-Chief Xia outside!


What qualifications did she have!


“Don’t talk.

If the platoon leader sees me talking with you, both of us will be punished when we go back!” The squad leader saw that her expression was weird.

He thought that she was feeling frustrated for seeing the Commander-in-Chief for the first time.

So he comforted, “Relax, the Commander-in-Chief is not someone you can see if you want to see.

You’re fortunate to be able to see the Commander-in-Chief when you just joined the army.”


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“But, but… but there is a… military academy student beside the Chief.” Ye Ying, who was so afraid that her heart was trembling, stammered.

After swallowing hard, she continued to ask, “How can a military academy student accompany the chief”


The squad leader didn’t want to answer anymore.

Fortunately, everything was still in progress.

So he could quickly reply, “She must be very talented at school.

So the Chief wants to meet her.

Okay, if you have any more questions, ask me later!”


Her school performance was very well, so the Chief wants to meet her


No way!


Surely that was not the case!


How could she not know what talents Ye Jian had


She did have the ability to fool ordinary people, but in the army where the elite gathered, her ability to fool ordinary people was not enough! How could she be received by the Chief of the army!


There must be a problem; there must be a problem!


Ye Ying, who couldn’t accept the fact, speculated wildly.

All her guesses were to slander Ye Jian in an attempt to calm herself down.

She couldn’t believe it and couldn’t accept the fact that Ye Jian accompanied the Chief of the army to watch the performance.


Oh right!


She could find Du Jiayi and let her make a move on Ye Jian! 


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