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He was originally very aggressive, and the force on his hand holding Shi Ning down was not small, causing Shi Ning to unable to move under his yoke.

But when he said the words “I like you”, his grip on her loosened as if she was a fragile object and there was tenderness in his eyes.

A person’s eyes don’t lie, and when he looked at her while saying this Shi Ning could feel the light shining in his eyes looking at her.

She didn’t know how to respond all of a sudden, this move by Nan Xiao was too sudden.

Falling in love was something she hadn’t even thought about before today.

He was so serious that she don’t know how to respond in return.

Her mind went back and forth, full of swing and turns.

Shi Ning thought of many ways to respond to him but didn’t seem to be able to think of which one could be said without hurting him.


Nan Xiao saw that her expression was awkward and helpless, he suddenly snorted and said.

“It’s just a confession, do you need to be this bitter and had a painful expression”

Although he was mocking her, Shi Ning felt relief.

Just now she was really nervous that she could die.

“Can I not be embarrassed if you suddenly tell me this kind of thing”

“I like you, what’s there to be embarrassed I’m the one who suffers.”

Shi Ning frowned.

“No, you, Suno and them are my lifelong friends.

But after you said that I now feel strange about this.”

“What’s strange, in this day and age, pure friendship between men and women is strange, okay.”

He was embarrassed to tell her that Lin Suno and Jin Sihan had also long been harboring romantic feelings for her.

“But now I just want to study hard, there are still so many exercise and books that I can’t finish if I think about this again.

I’ll go bald.”

Shi Ning felt very aggrieved, why would her childhood friend like her Even if they like her he shouldn’t told her yet.

Nan Xiao looked at her about to cry expression and panicked a little.

“Okay, okay, if you feel embarrassed just pretend I didn’t say it.

Let’s continue to be friend.

I was not forcing you to fall in love with me now, ah, I just cannot hold back and told you.”

He really does not know how Lin Suno endured it.

When he saw Shi Ning, he wanted to talk to her, want to be openly good to her, spoiled her for an obvious reason of liking her.

Shi Ning raised her eyes to look at him, and saw his face was frozen red.


“Really, let’s talk about it after graduation.

You continue to be a school genius and I promise I will not affect your study.”

Nan Xiao couldn’t win against her.

Shi Ning tilted her head for a moment and said.

“If you like me and I like to study, why do you like me when you don’t like studying”


Nan Xiao was confused.

What kind of terrible logic is that

However the more Shi Ning thought about it, the more she felt that was more logical.

Her heart relax as she stomped her shoes on the snow and continued.

“So think about it, you do not seem to like me very much.”

Nan Xiao did not expect that he would confess his feelings and the final reversal would involve learning.

What he hated most in his life was learning, in fact he did not find it difficult to study on the contrary he learned things faster than others.

As long as he was serious in learning things, being good at studying was not a difficult task.

But those teachers and his parents always forced him to study every day and it made him feel annoyed.

Anyway in the future he would inherit his family’s property and he thinks that learning this trivial things in school was not very useful so he doesn’t learn them.

Later, because he sat next to Shi Ning, he had to study but he didn’t take it seriously.

Now, the girl that he likes was telling him seriously about this learning and studying things.

Not to mention her twisted logic.

What I love the most is learning, and if you don’t like learning, you don’t like me.

Nan Xiao suddenly regretted not studying properly.


Nan Xiao suddenly laughed as he lowered his eyes to look Shi Ning.

“Don’t think I don’t know you’re provoking me.”

Shi Ning as if she did not hear him, landed her gaze on the side.

Nan Xiao stood up straight.

“For so many years, my old man followed me with a whip and forced me to study but I did not listen to him.

Now you want to force me in studying for a bull** reason”

Shi Ning muttered in a small voice.

“Who wants to force you, learning is your own business.”

“But you really succeeded, I’ll be serious about my studies from tomorrow onwards, oh no from tonight.

I’d like to see what kind of ghost logic you can come up with to stall me next time.”

He said.

After he finished, he looked at Shi Ning.

The little girl was suddenly pulled out by him, she didn’t wear layers of clothes as he had just drag her outside.

She only wore a not so thick plush pajama, her face was red due to cold while talking to him for a while now.

Nan Xiao instantly regretted it, he took off his jacket to have Shi Ning wear it.

“We’ll talk about this later, so get inside.”

Shi Ning returned him the jacket.

“Are you stupid My house is right there, you can wear it yourself.”

After speaking she hurried back to the house.

Nan Xiao couldn’t help but smile as he watched her back.

How strange to feel in a good mood when you’ve obviously rejected me

With this thinking, Nan Xiao was still relieve.

At least he now has a purpose and knows what he should do.

Maybe it’s good to be a school master.

They could only have common language in the same world, he couldn’t let Shi Ning think that he was just a dreg.

In order to enter her world, he could only be a school genius.


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