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“Not only the first in the city but also the first in the province.”

So the top science student in their province was the one standing in front of her in this national college entrance examination

When Shi Ning heard the news, she was first stunned then ecstatic.

She couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks, feeling the pain she then gently patted her cheeks then shook her head.

This slightly silly actions was captured by Shi Chen’s eyes.

Shi Chen smiled.

“What are you doing”

Shi Ning: “Checking if I am dreaming of my brother getting first place”

Her brother indeed was the best and most powerful brother in the world.

Shi Chen took the first place in the province, it didn’t take long for it to spread all over the school.

Even outside school there sometimes reporters who wanted to interview Shi Chen, but they were all ignored.

In his defense, he said.

“If these reporters interview me they will get me on TV.

I’m smart and handsome what if I become popular I just want to be a low-key scholar.”

Shi Ning knows that he said these words in front of her was purely jesting.

He does not want to accept interview was in fact for only one reason, purely because he was lazy.

“Don’t lie to me, when did you keep a low profile After college entrance examination who in Yangcheng does not know your name Before, everyone who saw me call me Shi Ning, now they started calling me ‘Shi Chen’s sister’.”

Shi Ning these days, whether walking to school or meeting a relative to congratulate the family she would most called was Shi Chen’s sister.

In school, because Shi Chen was not in school after the college entrance examination as his sister Shi Ning endured too much for him.

“Look, Shi Chen’s sister, Shi Chen did really well this time, really give the school a long face.

Our school has not had a provincial top student for three years! Now there is a provincial science topper, the principal’s mouth is grinning until the back of his ears every day.”

“Shi Chen’s sister is really good looking ah, indeed they have good family genes.

I heard that her performance is also great, in the future she may also be as great as Shi Chen!”

And even at home too, Shi Chen that stinky temper of his was always too lazy to deal with people so every time, she has accompany her parents to entertain the guests at home.

These days, the people who came to their house where the one who heard about Shi Chen’s achievement and came to congratulate the Shi family.

There were some that Shi Ning didn’t know at all, and haven’t met before in the memory of the original owner.

When Shi Ning greeted all the uncles and aunts everyone looked at her with eager expectation.

“You are Shi Chen’s sister, right Your brother got the top 1 this time as his sister will you be under pressure”

“Aiya, this girl looks very smart, worthy of Shi Chen’s sister.

Like her brother in the future she will also get a top rank!”

All of these, Shi Ning have heard them a hundred times that her ears were going to be calloused.

Shi Chen: “Isn’t that rather annoying”

Just like when he was a child, no matter where they went everyone’s concern was not his but because he was Shi Pingzhan’s son.

After growing up, many people would say,

‘Ah was this the son of Yangcheng rich businessman Shi Pingzhan.’

Which made him quite annoyed sometimes.

However after Shi Ning was asked, she had a different opinion.

“No, except that there are too many people coming up to me and asking questions making me annoyed but other than that what other things could annoy me”

“If you want to keep a low profile, then not me I don’t want to keep a low profile.

Being the sister of the number ranker in the province is more powerful.”

Shi Ning said.

Shi Chen listened and laugh lightly.

“When you get an achievement in the future, other should call me Shi Ning’s brother.

I look forward to such day.”

The last exam of the senior year was the final exam.

This was also the last exam before the division of arts and sciences, Shi Ning prepared more carefully than ever.

Even Nan Xiao crammed for the exam, and stayed up two or three nights to read books crazily for fear of missing anything.

Shi Ning on the other hand, she who loves to clean herself and would always took a bath every day.

But after a few days of crazily studying she was too tired that she went directly to bed and forgot to take a bath.

She was so focused that she even forgot to eat, after the exams Shi Ning went to weigh herself and in this half month she lost three or four kilograms.

She prepared so desperately, coupled with her usual routine in studying.

After the final exam Shi Ning knew that this was best she had ever take, nine subjects each of which she answered carefully as she could.

After the result came out, the day she received the notice Shi Ning was also more nervous than any of the previous exams.

She opened the report card and her eyes fell on the name at the top.

It was still Lin Suno.

Sure enough, even though she tried to this extent she still failed to pass him.

Lin Suno was really a mountain that couldn’t be crossed.

Shi Ning’s heart has a trace of loss slipped through at the same time, and admiring Lin Suno more.


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