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Shi Chen was leaning against the wall, alone in a daze when Yu Chuyao walked over.


“Brother Chen, what are you doing here alone.”


“Nothing, I just had a chat with my mother.”


Yu Chuyao stood closer to Shi Chen and made a worried expression.


“Aunt Shu should be in a bad mood because of what happened earlier… hey why is Ningning so unreasonable, who doesn’t know that her mother is Aunt Su’s sore spot in her heart.”


Speaking, Yu Chuyao stretched out her hand and patted Shi Chen on the shoulder in a reassuring manner.


“Don’t worry.

I will accompany Aunt Shu later.”


Shi Chen nodded,




Seeing this scene, Shi Ning’s inner thoughts are:


Hey Budhha I just want to rest.


But why won’t you let me.!


After solving the major problem here comes another one, ugh!


She felt her head aching.


But since she’s already here, then she just needs to face it.


Shi Ning walked towards Shi Chen and Yu Chuyao.


“What do you mean by I’m being unreasonable”


Shi Ning asked.


Seeing her walking towards them, Yu Chuyao thought for a while and said,


“Ningning don’t make it worst, do you know how sad aunt Shu because of you”


“She feels sad about what I did I am the one who was questioned and was told that I was raised by my mother without manners and proper education.”


Saying this Shi Ning eyes were on Yu Chuyao’s hand.


She felt very annoyed seeing her hand on Shi Chen’s shoulder.


Such a vicious woman is not worthy to touch her brother.


“Just talk if you want to talk what’s with your hands, don’t you know that’s inappropriate—man and woman should not touch hands when they talk1.”


“Ningning what nonsense are you talking Did I do something wrong After coming back this time you’ve been hostile towards me.”


Tears immediately filled Yu Chuyao’s eyes threatening to fall,


Shi Ning learned everything and knows how to act, she also made an innocent look.


“I’m not hostile towards you.

Aren’t you the one talking bad things about me to my brother behind my back Also I am not wrong about man and a woman keeping their distance when talking.

You and my brother are not real brothers and sisters, isn’t it only right for you to keep your distance You were so close just now and people who didn’t know would thought you are my brother’s girlfriend.”



1 men and women should touch hands when they give or receive things (citation from Mencius) and as we all know, Chinese has a conservative culture.


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