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Chapter 37


It was rare for them to stay in the old house, and since mother Shi and father Shi were not at home, Shi Ning and Shi Chen will have to sleep in the old house for a few days.


After dinner, Shi Ning accompanied her grandmother for a while.


Sitting, Grandmother Shi stared at Shi Ning’s hair.


“Ningning, your hairstyle is so pretty, who did it for you”


“I styled myself.”


Grandmother Shi smiled,


“This girl, I haven’t see you for a while and now you can do everything on your own.”


Shi Ning stood up and walked behind her grandmother,


“Grandma, I’ll help you make yours too.”


“I’m already old, what’s the point of braiding my hair.”


Grandmother Shi embarrassingly said.


“Not at all, grandma you are so beautiful and have a good temperament, also you look like you are just over forty.”


The granddaughter who was always rebellious and causes troubles has now become so well-behaved.

Grandma Shi was very happy and feels that her ancestors finally enlightened their family and the great Buddha finally blesses them.


“Ningning ah, grandma really like you now, every word is so sweet and makes grandma’s heart delighted.”


“In the past Ningning didn’t know anything and was ignorant making grandma angry.

Will grandma forgive Ningning’s willfulness”



“It’s just that our Ningning is suddenly so sensible, grandma is still a little uncomfortable, can you tell grandma what happened”



“It was mom, I used to distance myself with grandma because I know grandma doesn’t like mom and thinks that grandma wouldn’t care about Ningning too.

But mom kept telling me that grandma loves me very much, and as long as I show grandma my sincerity, grandma will definitely accept me.”



When grandma Shi heard this, she turned her head and asked suspiciously,


“Really Your mother really said that”


Shi Ning nodded her head vigorously and opened her big, innocent eyes and looked at directly on grandma Shi’s eyes.


“Yes ah.”


The old lady thought that Shi Ning was not lying, her words were straightforward and sincere.

Thinking of this, it seems that Lin Xuemo was not as bad as she thought she was, at least she was teaching her granddaughter not to be prejudice.


In the past she didn’t want to see Lin Xuemo because she knew in her heart she favored Cao Su more than her, and believed that she was the reason why his son, Shi Pingzhan’s and Cao Shu’s marriage was destroyed.



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