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Every time after the end of the exam, a parent-teacher conference would be held as a routine and this time was no exception.


After returning home, Shi Ning first talked to his brother.


“Brother, when we eat later, don’t tell mom and dad about my grades.”


Shi Chen laughs and joked.


“Why I can understand if you don’t let me talk about it before, after all every time you told them about your grades they can’t continue eating.”


Shi Chen continued to tease Shi Ning.


“Especially the old man, knowing that your grades are terrible but also have to force a smile to comfort you.

Saying that it is fine and means that ‘our Ningning has a lot room for improvement ah’.

Really want me to laugh to death, ah.”






“Brother can we not mention the past.”


“Ok, ok.”


“Because we are going to hold a parent-teacher conference this Saturday, I have made so much progress this time, and the teacher will certainly praise me in front of our parents.

I want to give them a surprise.”


And on the day of the parents-teacher meeting, Lao Yang would let the top students entertain and welcome the parents, and she would be one of them.


Shi Chen nodded after listening.


“Oh, I understand.”


“Tell them also not to go on my parent- teacher conference.”


Shi Chen said again.


Shi Ning don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


“Brother what are you talking about You are still a student and the same high school as me! High school! Student!”


“With that said, when you enter college I must at least attend once on your parent-teacher conference.”


Was it a yes Did he agree..I don’t this think he said yes..


Shi Chen smiled, and looked at Shi Ning as if not hearing what she said earlier.


Shi Ning has no choice but to say.


“Okay, okay, listen to you.”


At the dinner table, while the family was eating.


Shi Ning brewed for a moment and said.


“Mom, dad, my midterm exam results are out.”


Shi Pingzhan and Lin Xuemo’s eating action paused, looked at each other and then both put down their chopsticks.


Shi Pingzhan said,


“Ningning ah, this achievements is not important, the most important is the process.”


Lin Xuemo followed and agreed.


“Yes ah, you have recently studied so hard and mom can see it.

The results may not be so obvious but mom believes that as long as you work had it will be better.”


“I heard from your mom that sometimes you study up until 1 o’clock recently.

That is not good ah, your body won’t handle it.

Dad does not require good grades, just hope that you grow up healthy and happy.”


After their daughter committed suicide and got hospitalized they have been on the edge.

They are worried that their daughter test results would not meet her expectations, after studying hard, and would get stimulated.


Shi Ning listened to these heart-warming words, her heart was soft and at the same time more resolute.


She must do her best and be their pride.


“I will not tell you the results first, because this week will be the parent-teacher conference, you will know it when you go.”


At the mentioned of the three words, parent-teacher conference, Shi Pingzhan’s face twitched.


“Why is there a parent-teacher conference again”



“I remember this is the first time this semester.”


“Really, I always feel like I just went to you parent-teacher conference not too long ago.”


Shi Pingzhan said and thought to himself,

This was not a simple parent-teacher conference.

It is a Hongmen Banquet1.


Although Shi Pingzhan dotes on his daughter, he, as a famous scion2 and business tycoon, still cares a lot about saving his face outside.


In an aristocratic noble school like Yang Chuan, many of the children parents know each other.

Even some of Shi Ning’s classmate’s parents were also his employees.


Whenever it comes to the parent-teacher conference for her daughter, Shi Pingzhan who usually enjoys the attention of all the people, just hopes that everyone couldn’t see him for those few minutes.


“So mom and dad, which one of you is going this time”


Shi Ning asked expectantly.


Shi Pingzhan’s eyes quickly glanced at Shi Chen who was sitting next to Shi Ning playing with his phone.


“Shi Chen, do you also have a parent-teacher conference this time”


Shi Chen did not even raised his head and said.


“No, Shi Ning and I do not have the same schedule.”


Heh, this old man will only think of his son as a priority at this time.


Shi Chen mocked.


“I’ll go.”


Lin Xuemo, who could read her husband’s mind, spoke up.


Shi Pingzhan gratefully held her hand,


“Thank you wife, you’ve worked hard.”


Shi Ning looked at her father who has a relieved and embarrassed look.

It’s just a parent-teacher conference.

Why are you so afraid of




On the day of the conference, Shi Ning, Lin Suno, and Yu Chuyao stood at the entrance of the class to greet all the parents.


Yu Chuyao decided to make a little chat with Lin Suno.


“Suno, is it your uncle or aunt who is coming to the conference this time”


“My mother.”


“So it’s aunt.

I haven’t seen her for a long time.

The last time I saw her was a few years ago, and it was just a glimpse but I could tell that she really was stunning.

How is you mother doing this days”




Yu Chuyao smiled bitterly.


“Suno you really talk less.”



Lin Suno still indifferently replied.




If Yu Chuyao could still find a topic after Lin Suno’s stoic answers on all of the questions with one word, then she really was amazing.


Shi Ning who has heard everything even if she doesn’t want to, couldn’t hold back a smile.


Lin Suno saw her smile and took initiative to ask.


“What are you smiling at”


“Nothing, I just thought you are cute.”


There is no one who make Yu Chuyao defeated in this way, but you!


Shi Ning thought to herself.


Lin Suno’s light-colored eyes vibrated for a moment, and with a helpless expression he said.


“You really..”


Why did you call me cute.


“What about me”


Can’t I even praise you


Shi Ning retorted in her mind.


“Nothing, as long as you’re happy.”


Lin Suno’s tone was mixed with helplessness and indulgent pampering, in contrast to his coldness a moment ago.



Hongmen Banquet1– banquet set up with the aim murdering the guest; refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han Emperor Liu Bang escaped attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu

scion2– a descendant of a notable family


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