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Yu Chuyao who was standing beside them looked so angry, said.

“A parent is coming, I’ll go over and greet them first.”

She didn’t want to stay with the two of them and left.

Shi Ning stared at Lin Suno who was known as the God of learning, but when praised with just one sentence, he would blushed instantly.

“Suno, are you usually so modest You blush easily when I give you a casual compliment.

How do you usually accept people’s endless praise when you are like this”

Shin Ning asked curiously.

Lin Suno blushed even more, he rubbed his thumb against his index finger before he lifted his head and looked straight into her eyes.

“I don’t usually blush.”

When looking at her, his suppressed feelings were about to get out of control.

Shi Ning was so shocked by such gaze.

“Classmate, where is Wan Yao’s seat I am his mother.”

A woman came by and interrupted the two of them.

Something odd flashed in Shi Ning mind’s but quickly disappeared as she led the parent to her child’s seat.

Lin Suno unclenched his fist and let out a sighed.

Fool, I don’t care even if other people praise me to the sky!

It’s only in front of you that all my emotional senses got affected.

My body temperature would rise, heart would beat faster and my face would blush.

Was what Lin Suno wanted to say.


At Yang Chuan’s entrance, because of the conference, the inside and outside space of the school was packed with many cars.

At this time, a lengthen Lincoln car came and dazzled among the luxurious cars.

After the car stopped a man in black came down from the car, he then opened the door of the back seat.

An old woman and a beautiful woman came down from the car.

“Godmother1 I’ve said that I will attend the conference for Chuyao, so why do you have to go this time”

Cao Shu assisted Elder Shi, walking towards the school building.

“This child, Chuyao has personally asked me to attend the conference for her, how can I not come”

Cao Shu assumed that Chuyao didn’t tell her about the conference and personally asked Elder Shi this time because she wanted Elder Shi to know how bad Shi Ning was and how good Yu Chuyao was with her studies.

Last time at Elder Shi’s banquet, Shi Ning stole the limelight after she proved her talent in painting, and also regained elder Shi’s favor.

Cao Shu praised Yu Chuyao thinking that this was a good move, inviting elder Shi to the conference.

Yu Chuyao always had one of the best grade in school and Cao Shu was sure that this would make elder Shi proud.

As for Shi Ning, she was known to have poor grades.

With such comparison, Elder Shi would naturally favor Yu Chuyao again.

She would like to see how long the cheap hoof’s daughter could beat her.

Elder Shi and Cao Shu didn’t take a few steps before they ran into Lin Xuemo, who also came to the parent-teacher conference.

The three looked at each other awkwardly.

It was impossible for Lin Xuemo not to greet first when she saw her elder, so she could only call out stiffly.


Elder Shi did not want to pay attention to her according to her habit, but when she remembered what Shi Ning said that day, she eased her face and answered lightly.

“You’re here for Ningning’s conference”

Lin Xuemo didn’t expect that her mother-in-law would take the initiative to talk to her in this lifetime, she was somewhat flattered.

“Yes, what about mother”

Cao Shu looked at the woman who had taken everything from her.

It was this soft and harmless face that had haunted Shi Pingzhan for several year, that even when they got married, he could not forget her.

She wanted to tear that face apart.

“Mom and I are certainly here to attend the conference for Yu Chuyao of course.

Otherwise, can we do it for Shi Ning As one of the ancient nobles in Yang Chuan, the Shi family has passed on from generation to generation.

Which generation of children are not dragon and phoenix among them My son Shi Chen was the first in the whole third grade last time, but I don’t what’s the matter with your daughter.

She’s so bad at her studies that she completely disgraced the Shi family.”

Cao Shu said sarcastically.

Lin Xuemo was obviously not good at dealing with such situation, her whole face paled after hearing Cao Shu talked badly about Shi Ning.

Cao Shu wanted to speak more, but Elder Shi said in a light voice.

“Stop it.

I think Ningning is not useless, though she’s not good at studying she is still a good child, .

Even if she doesn’t accomplish anything in the future, we Shi family can afford to raise her.”

Lin Xuemo looked at her mother-in-law gratefully,

“Thank you mother.”

“Let’s go.”

In order to avoid further quarrels between the two, elder Shi pulled Cao Shu and left first.

At the side, Yu Chuyao came out after seeing the three people left.

Her heart was indignant hearing Elder Shi defending Shi Ning.

She don’t know what magic Shi Ning used, but all these people were all around Shi Ning now, making her angrier.

She kicked the stone at her feet in anger.


Cao Shu and Elder Shi happened to see her and called her to come over.

When Yu Chuyao saw Cao Shu’s face, her heart instantly sank.

This time she didn’t do well in the exam, and she was behind Shi Ning.

In order to avoid Cao Shu’s scolding her, she specifically asked Elder Shi to attend the conference.

Who knows that her master would still come.

When Yu Chuyao walked up, Cao Shu smiled at her and said.

“Why didn’t you call me to attend the parent-teacher conference this time and trouble grandma instead”

“It’s no trouble, Chuyao is the child I raised since her parents passed away so I should be the one attending her parent-teacher conference.”

Yu Chuyao didn’t dare to look at Cao Shu in the eyes and said to elder Shi instead.

“I know grandma loves me the most.”

Yu Chuyao walked them to the classroom.

On the way to the classroom, Cao Shu asked.

“By the way, how did you do in the exam this time, Chuyao”

Yu Chuyao lowered her head and said.

“I didn’t do well in the exam, third in class.”

Cao Shu grinned leniently,

“What’s wrong with that You’ve been out for over a month and still manage to get third place, that’s already pretty good.”

As they arrive in the classroom, Cao Shu saw Lin Suno and Shi Ning receiving parents at the door.

“Why is Shi Ning receiving the parents”

Cao Shu’s complexion change.

Yu Chuyao whispered.

“The teacher asked her to.”

In front of Elder Shi, Cao Shu did not say a word but sneered in her heart.

Was the class teacher too brainless to let such poor student received the parents.


Shi Ning obviously saw them too.

She walked over with a smile and greeted Elder Shi.

“Grandma, you’re here too.”

“I came to attend parent-teacher conference for your sister Chuyao.”

Hearing this, Shi Ning pouted and said.

“Grandma is biased, I’m also your granddaughter, but you don’t attend parent-teacher conference for me.”

Elder Shi smiled kindly and touched her granddaughter’s hand.

“Look at what you’re saying, can your situation be the same as Chuyao’s You are still jealous of her.

Besides, you have someone to attend for you, I just ran into your mother on the road.”

“I’m just kidding.”

Shi Ning put out her tongue playfully.

And ignored Cao Shu’s stinky face, from beginning to end.


Godmother1– the raw used 乾媽 (gan ma) which mean godmother, Cao Shu is not calling Grandmother Shi mother, since she was already divorced with her son, but called her godmother instead, which also represents like a real/second mother in Chinese culture

TL: (๑o̴̶̷̥᷅﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅๑)ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ sorry guys I messed up the rankings, on chapter 48, it was the convo between classmates, but the explanation at later part were all correct.

I just wanted to clarify this ahead,.

If your like me who only read convos and sometimes (all the time skip the narration( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ) you’ll get confused on the next convo on next chapter, to make is short

Shi Ning is 2nd place in class ranking, and 5th place for the whole 1st graders.

Yu Chuyao is 3rd in class ranking and, 9th place for the whole 1st graders.

I’ll be very very careful next time (●>д

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