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When they entered the classroom, Lin Suno also greeted them.

Elder Shi looked at Lin Suno and asked.

“Did Suno got the first place for first graders this time again”

Lin Suno nodded.

Elder Shi smiled and complimented Lin Suno.

“Xiao Nu has been an excellent student since childhood.”

After she finished saying this, she looked at Shi Ning beside her.

“Ningning ah, what do you think about letting Xiao Nu be our Shi family’s son-in-law in the future”

Shi Ning blushed.

“Grandma what are you talking about, I’m not even an adult yet.”

“The first thing you need to do is to find a good son-in-law.

I know you like that boy from Nan family, but Nan Xiao is too wild, you can’t control him, look at Suno, he’s smart, handsome, and talented.”

The more Elder Shi looked at him, the more satisfied she was, and the more she made Lin Suno’s face look redder.

“Suno, what do you think”

Elder Shi threw the question to Lin Suno.

Lin Suno obviously did not expect that Elder Shi would ask such question.

For a moment, he was in panic and had nowhere to put his hands and feet.


Elder Shi looked like a college bully, who was harassing the usually calm and cool headed top student.

“Grandma you quickly stop talking, go in, go in.”

Shi Ning hurriedly pushed her inside.

Cao Shu followed in and gave Shi Ning a disdainful look.

Almost simultaneously, after they went in, Lin Xuemo also came.

As Shi Ning led her mother inside, Lin Xuemo grabbed her hand and said.

“I just saw your grandmother and that woman.”

Shi Ning remembered Cao Shu’s mean face and hastily asked.

“Did Cao Shu embarrassed you”

“No, it’s just that even if she targets me, I hoped that she won’t talked bad about you but she still did and mom doesn’t know how to fight back making my heart aches.”

Lin Xuemo confided in her daughter.

“What did she say about me”

“Apart from your poor grades what else can she say.

Ningning ah, although mom and dad want you to study well, but more than that, we want you to have a happy and joyful life.

If she see you later and told you such things, you should not take it to heart.”

Shi Ning smiled,

“Mom, don’t worry I won’t be affected by her words.”

Because I will shut her up!

As the parent-teacher conference started, the school prepared some extra seats considering that some children’s mother and father would both come.

Cao Shu was sitting next to Elder Shi, while Shi Ning’s seat was diagonally opposite to Yu Chuyao.

So Cao Shu and Lin Xuemo were now closely seated with each other.

The class teacher Lao Yang walked in and introduced himself, then handed out the report cards to all the parents.

“What you are holding is your child’s report card for this midterm.

You can open it and check your child’s result for this monthly exam.”

Cao Shu looked at Yu Chuyao’s, third in the class and ninth for the whole first graders.

Cao Shu’s gaze fell on Lin Xuemo.

Lin Xuemo’s back were facing her so she could not see clearly but what she could see was her hands shaking.

Were the scores so bad that Lin Xuemo was this terrified

Cao Shu turned her head and sneered.

“Shi Ning’s performance has been so poor, as a mother you should reflect on this.”

Lin Xuemo ignored her and instead handed the report card to the parent next to her.

“This mister, can you help me look at my child’s grades, I suspect there is something wrong with my eyes.”

Next to Lin Xuemo was Deng Lan’ father, took it and read it for her.

“Shi Ning, second in her class and fifth in her grade.

Wow! Your daughter is amazing, my son is actually sitting with a top student.”

Lin Xuemo: “……”

Now, she even suspects that she has an ear problem too.

Cao Shu who had been paying attention to Lin Xuemo, immediately stood up after hearing what Deng Lan father said.

She went to Shi Ning’s table and grabbed the report card.

“This can’t be!”

Her eyes fell on Shi Ning’s report card, which was indeed the second in the class and the fifth in the grade.

Cao Shu rubbed her eyes several times but could still see the same ranking on Shi Ning’s report card.

At this time the teacher said.

“As what you can see on the report card, some students have made great progress and some have fallen back, but this was very normal thing.

To those parents of the students whose grades fall behind don’t need to worry, we are only in the first year of high school, everything will still change.”

“I want to give a special praise to a student who did well in this exam.

She made an unbelievable feat and made a great improvement.

From 35 students in our class she made it to second place and from 400 students in her grade she made to 5th place, and she is Shi Ning.”

As soon as Lao Yang finished speaking, Shi Ning stood on the platform.

Lao Yang gave the ribbon of progress star.

“Where is Shi Ning parents”

Lin Xuemo stood up.

Lao Yang smiled and said,

“Your daughter is really excellent, we used to underestimate her before but proven us wrong.

Thank you for teaching such a great child.”

This scene was too dreamy for Lin Xuemo, Since Shi Ning was a child, she always gets into trouble, and Lin Xuemo received countless calls form teachers complaining.

This was the first time a teacher praise the child in front of her.

As Lin Xuemo stood up she was too excited that her voice was trembling when she said.

“Thank you too, it’s you and the school that help me as well.”

Then Lao Yang invited Lin Suno and Yu Chuyao.

“And these two, plus Shi Ning, are the top three in our class this time.”

Lao Yang also called out the three parents to stand up and when Cao Shu followed Elder Shi to stand up, her eyes glared at Yu Chuyao fiercely.

Yu Chuyao hung her head and bit her lower lip hardly.


After the parent-teacher conference, Elder Shi held Shi Ning’s hand and kept on praising her, she even asked Shi Ning to accompany her back.

“I knew that our family’s children couldn’t be bad ah, previously Ningning just didn’t want to study, but now that she wanted to study well she can immediately soar high.”

“You have to go back to the old mansion today, and Grandma will have the chef cook the best food for you.

Ningning has been studying so hard lately.”

Shi Ning smiled and said.

“It’s not hard at all, it’s a blessing to have books to read.”

Now there was a constant stream of online videos, compiled papers and various study material waiting for her to read, all of which she has never enjoyed before.

“Look at this child, she really loves to learn.”

Elder Shi boasted to the people around her.

Elder Shi turned her head and said to Lin Xuemo who was behind her.

“Tonight, call this child’s father and Xiao Chen, come to the old mansion for a meal together.”

“Okay, mother.”

Lin Xuemo replied with a choking sob.

Since she married into the Shi family, elder Shi didn’t like to see her.

This was the first time, that Elder Shi took the initiative to invite them back for dinner.

Cao Shu and Yu Chuyao has been walking behind them.

From the time Cao Shu knew Shi Ning’s results, her face was extremely angry.

Yu Chuyao who stood next to her was trembling in fear, afraid of provoking her.

Hearing that the Elder Shi was inviting Shi Ning’s family to the old mansion, Cao Shu’s expression was overwhelmingly grim as she looked Yu Chuyao beside and threw out two words.

“Useless person.”

Yu Chuyao was on the verge of crying, timidly looking at her afraid of talking.

“What are you crying for, you just know how to cry! When Shi Ning has full control of the old lady, without the old lady Shi, it won’t be far from the day you return to the orphanage.”

Cao Shu continued to berate Yu Chuyao.

“Do you really think you are princess that can continue to enjoy the treatment of a young lady without any effort”

“I will try harder in the future.”

Yu Chuyao choke up and said.

Cao Shu didn’t seem to want to look at her more and brushed past her with a cold face


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